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A productive company is a company with both physically and emotionally healthy employees.

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Each employer has experienced, at least once,: ​

  • lack of motivation of employees (although the salary is above the average level in the economy);

  • lazy employees  (either they take breaks too often, or they like to socialize with their office colleague about miscellaneous);

  • employees who do not seem to understand simple tasks and who make many mistakes ;

  • employees who are late ;

  • employees who often take days off or sick leave;

... and the list goes on.

Recent studies show an increased incidence of depression and  anxiety disorders  among the Romanian population. In short, this means:


  • increasing concentration problems;

  • irritability and irritability;

  • increasing communication and relationship difficulties;

  • predisposition to burnout;

  • decreased efficiency and productivity.

Against this vulnerable psychological background it was (and is necessary) to adapt to a new lifestyle - the COVID-19 pandemic - which, according to the studies of my curious colleagues from 2020, brought:

  • intensifying health concerns;

  • fear of serious illness;

  • the appearance of somatizations;

  • increasing the incidence of panic attacks and health anxiety ;

  • social self-isolation (predisposing factor for depression );

  • job loss or

  • work from home (which involves changing routine and daily habits, plus working effectively in the presence of the child / children), etc.


Given the current context, as well as the psychological impact that the pandemic has generated, we have created a Coaching program aimed at a 360 approach to mental and emotional health in organizations , with the following objectives:

  • Increasing employee motivation and performance;

  • Decreased number of sick leave;

  • Reducing staff turnover;

  • Ensuring an emotionally healthy organizational climate;

  • Increasing employees' resilience to the inherent challenges of a dynamic work environment.


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